Silverlake Sample Sale

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  • Promtional Flyer design and print by SQR Bear
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The Problem

Our client was creating a new business by the name Silver Lake Sample Sale. He was starting this business from scratch. In his mind he had a vision of what he wanted Silver Lakes Sample Sale’s (SLSS) image to be. Already being a satisfied customer he turned to us to create his business identity. SLSS also had a deadline of two weeks for our work because they had a promotional event where they wanted to introduce their business associates.

The SQR Solution

After the client interview we were able to determine the style Silver Lake Sample Sale needed. Our first objective was to create a logo for Silver Lake Sample Sale. Once our client was happy with their logo we moved on to creating the website. Because they are aiming for a very specific group of individuals our design for their site had to have a lot of detail. While we were working on the website we also began creating a flyer design so that the client could promote his new business in a more traditional way. We produce both the design and the print here at SQR Bear which makes it easy for our clients. Their website was completed within two weeks, just in time for their promotional event.