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The Problem

KDB Easton is one of our oldest clients. Their original project for our team was to convert their existing website from a design based solely on flash to a site that follows modern standards. Flash is a multimedia platform created by Adobe that allows for the use of vector graphics that are then used in animating the website. The problem with having a site built entirely in flash is that it will not be viewed on mobile devices. Flash player is no longer supported because it takes too long to load the page. In many cases the page will load blank, requesting that the user download a flash plugin to their device.

KDB Easton noticed that their visitors were doing just that, trying to find their sites on a mobile device, such as an iphone, and not being able to actually interact with the site. KDB Easton was losing potential customers on a daily basis. They approached our team with their problem and we were glad to offer them a solution.

The SQR Solution

Our solution to KDB Easton’s problem was to rebuild everything, except for the design, from the ground up. Because of the way flash is made it is very difficult to replicate the exact animations in a modern website which require that it load quickly on any device. Because this project was considered a redesign of the internal code we could begin working on the site right way and had the site complete in a matter of days. KDB Easton was very pleased with our work that they have refused to go to anyone else for web development. Here at SQR Bear we believe that the best way to make a client happy is by exceeding their expectations.